Monday 28 October 2019


Just now I am so sleepy and pass by a Petron station to grab an energy drink... I saw a brand called GENG Skyfruit Juice standing in refri...the price is RM8 which i think is expensive so curiosty lead me to try it...why is it so special and expensive...After drink it, abit bitter and the taste is not good..but something happen after 1 and 2 hours..

Im started to get dizzy after 1 hour consume, I feel my heart beat so damn fast...then after 2 hours...heart rate become normal then i feel energitic and UNWANTED erection...YES! Erection...Im in the office now I feel my adik erect suddenly and it is hard rock lol and can stand for quite long....I dunno why is it...I seldom drink energy drink but I think this drink is quite good for sexual - kopipes FORUM LOWYAT

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